I was in about my twentieth year working at St. Joan of Arc Parish in Boca Raton, Florida, and I was teaching a class on St. Luke’s gospel to a large group of adults. There is much in Luke about the poor. A participant, Ken Schammel raised his hand and asked, “What are we doing for the poor.” There was an immediate response from the group. “St. Joan of Arc is the largest contributor to the annual Archbishop’s Charity Drive and we give to other charities as well.” But Ken insisted, “We are not involved with the poor.” Again, the participants replied, I give my time to Catholic Christian Doctrine classes to children, to Marriage Encounter, Shut-ins, etc. etc.” 



  “Thanks to everyone so much for making this trip possible. It truly was a life-alteing experience and I feel so fortunate that I was able to participate. After attending nine years of an extremely strict Catholic school and then switching to public high school , I was ready to disregard my faith. This trip, however, provided me with a refreshed understanding of what it means to be a Catholic. The Peruvians we met in Trujilo and Mache welcomes us in such a hospitable way that I have…

Leah Kennedy

  “There is nothing like being in a foreign country with people who are basically strangers. No other experience gives you the same insight and understanding of people as living in tight quarters or being squished onto public buses or being sleep deprived at 3000 meters above sea level for twelve relentless days. Trips like this one is a once in a lifetime opportunity. living and working with Sr. Immaculata gave me a deeper understanding of what it means to live in poverty. I am so thankful to…

Courtney Kelly

  “For me, going to Peru was an eye-opener on many different things and we were all changed somehow by being there. Seeing where all the donations and money raised had gone to made the whole experience REAL. Once you see how much the groups there made of what they had, you learn how big a difference something small can make. Every little bit matters!”

Emily Botta

  “In Trujillo we visited 8 of the 20 care centers and the kids were so welcoming and happy to see us. We got to play with all of them at a park. Being with those kids for most of the day changed my perspective on what matters and the true value of what I need. Also, the day opened me up to God. Throughout the trip I grew closer to God and the group”

Rachel Garland

  “For my wife Suzanne and I, this was our first visit to Peru. Observing the ministry in action and meeting the men, women, and especially the children whom it serves, was a profoundly emotional experience for us. The gratitude of the mothers, was especially humbling. We look forward to supporting the Ministry now and in the future and encourage others to do so as well” 

Tom Homrich

  “Our trip to Peru was a very eye opening experience. It shocked me to see the poverty people live in and it really made me appreciative of all the blessings and opportunities I live with.”

Robby Morin

  “After years of hearing about Alto Trujillo from my parents and others, I finally traveled to Peru myself. I can truly say that what I saw left me completely speechless. Even after hundreds of stories and countless pictures, I was not prepared for the overwhelming presence of God that is so felt in this community. The hundreds of lives that have been positively affected by the dedication and perseverance of this ministry is a true testament of God’s faithfulness.”

Suzanne Homrich