Scholarships for Children in Alto Trujillo & Mache

This program provides funds for school materials and books for needy children in Alto Trujillo and Mache. 

Sister Immaculata says: 
In 2009 we sent 42 children to Primary School and had just one drop-out in October. We have several more asking for help for the year 2009. We had a little money left over from last year and are very glad to have it now as we can send several to the summer school program for a whole month at the Faith & Joy School where there is great education. 

Scholarships for Young Adults in Trujillo & Mache

This program provides financial support to young adults studying for college and professional degrees in fields like Nursing, Psychology, Law, Business Management, and Agriculture.
Sister Immaculata and her advisors select each year a handful of worthy students who would not be able to continue their education but for the financial assistance the Ministry provides. 

Sister Immaculata says: 
In all we have 21 students in college, eight of whom are funded by the Ministry of the Good Shepherd. Martin Romero finished as an Agricultural Engineer and is employed. Royler finished in Hotel Management and was hired immediately. Two just finished Technical Pharmacy and are in the process of final documents etc. We had one drop-out because of pregnancy. All students work as catechists in the parish which is great help to me.