Child Care Centers


Ten neighborhood Child Care Centers were created in 2006 to provide supervision and hot meals for one hundred children. Each Center is a room in a volunteer’s home, where the host, herself a mother of small children, cares for 10 children assigned to her Center. 

A community kitchen provides 100 meals each day. This allows 63 other mothers, who would otherwise have to stay home and care for their children, to go out to work. 

Sister Immaculata says: 
The Care Centres continue to be very much appreciated and sought after. They are well run and we rarely get a complaint. They are appreciated for three reasons: (i) All value the good dinner the children receive daily. (ii) Mothers, especially those who cannot read or write, are so grateful that there is someone to do the home assignments with their children; and when the mothers come home tired from work there are no arguments about homework. And (iii) all appreciate that their children are cared for while the mothers are working.