Special Needs Transportation

Transportation for Special Needs Children in Alto Trujillo

Santo Toribio Special Education Institute in Alto Trujillo is a free school attended by 140 children who are handicapped in some way. About 30 deaf or mute children are being taught to communicate in sign language and to read and write. Other children with physical disabilities are treated with appropriate therapy. But most of the students suffer from mental handicaps in various degrees, and are being taught, according to their abilities, basic skills that will enable them to enter the labor force and earn a living, modest as it may be. 

The Ministry of the Good Shepherd provides free transportation for 35 special children who do not live within walking distance and would not otherwise be able to attend this wonderful institution. 

Sister Immaculata says: 
Just meet the school bus that picks up 35 children from Alto Trujillo every morning and see the joy on their faces as they set out for Santo Toribio. Those of you who have visited the school know that the expenditure is well worth it. This year one 19 year old, a Down-syndrome boy, did his “practicals” in our bakery as an assistant for the baker.