Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care in Alto Trujillo & Mache

The Sisters of Mercy are committed to the spiritual growth of the community in which they reside. Pastoral activities, in both Alto Trujillo and Mache, include books and materials for religious courses, retreats, First Communion celebrations, Bibles, Cursillos, and office supplies. In Mache, two Sisters constantly visit the 12 villages surrounding the Mission. These visits serve to train, assist, and encourage the local pastoral leaders in each community, who often do not see a priest for weeks at a time. Each village has a chapel built by the community where Sunday services are held by pastoral leaders when a priest is not available. In Mache, pastoral expenses include transportation, for which the Sisters have acquired a 4-wheel drive vehicle and a driver to negotiate the unpaved roads in the extensive, mountainous area surrounding the Mission. 

Sister Immaculata says: 
I just could not tell you how much I appreciate having the ability and funds to pay speakers for the continued formation of the people. In November last year we had a BIBLE DAY with a professor from the seminary who had the ability to speak simply to the people. Also we had psychologists a few times to speak on Family Life, Violence in the home, etc. which was very much appreciated. Also it is wonderful to have catechetical material without having to ask the children to pay for it. The donation for bibles to the entire parish was very much appreciated. Padre Aitor divided them among the four centers.